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Even as a small child I was captivated by the wonder of the natural world. As a child I spent much time in New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment," enthralled by mountains, cloud formations, sunsets and rocks. In high school I excelled in art, and was called a "born artist." In college I fell in love with Eastern Art forms. I have studied oriental art extensively with various masters of Oriental art, including the master of the Chinese "Ling-Nan School, Peter "Mo" Woo. Because I always had a special feeling for mountains, I decided it would be fun to paint them.


Looking around for photographs of mountains to paint, I came across a book of photographs by Galen Rowell and was overwhelmed by the beauty of his work. I went into an artistic altered state and for months. I couldn't stop thinking about what was a very new idea to me: the potential of photography as an art form.

My first photographic work was with flowers. The beauty of flower forms and the play of light on and through their petals fascinated me. I worked very hard over many years developing my close-up technique in order to capture the exquisite and translucent effects of light emanating from these wondrous natural forms. About the same time, I had the insight that Mt. Diablo was an important landmark, even having spiritual meaning. I began to photograph the Mountain with this new idea in mind that photography was an art form. 

I began to sell my work at the store at the top of the Mountain and have had numerous shows that were very successful. My work has always been well received, and I have sold many thousands of postcards, note cards, and photographs. I also have continued to paint and have sold that work as well. 

When I felt I had photographed the Mountain fully, I expanded my interest to capturing some of the birds of the Mountain, particularly birds in flight. This has been so thrilling that I have gone on to photograph birds in other locations around the Bay Area and in Hawaii. These also have been very well received. Recently I have become fascinated with capturing the designs and beautiful colors of butterflies.

I hope the images on this website bring you some of the joy I have experienced.

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