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Refresh with the Beauty of Nature

Margo Watson

"This is all due to my love. This whole creation, this nature, all the beauty you see, all came out of me." Meher Baba


Purpose of this Website

Periodically I sent a few recent photos or paintings to my spiritual teacher, Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, the past Murshida of Sufism Reoriented, for her enjoyment. In mid-2020 I sent her three butterfly photos. She said she found them so uplifting that she thought it would be refreshing for people to have a way to view some of my images, including a tour of those in the Sufism Reoriented Sanctuary north hallway. Each day there is a new photo or painting image for a daily nature refreshment (my painting images have been added starting in March 2022). The images will also be sorted into portfolio categories and yearly and monthly sets for later viewing. Clicking on any image (image of the day, in the portfolios, or monthly sets) will enlarge it and list its name.


Connection with nature can be revitalizing with its endless stream of God’s exquisite creativity. I hope by periodically sharing these photographs you will find nature uplifting also, particularly during these unusual times.

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